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Jiangmen Junhong Silver Eagle Enterprise Co., Ltd. produces "Silver Eagle" series unsaturated polyester resin and its auxiliary materials. Its products are divided into seven varieties, such as general arts and crafts, furniture coatings, artificial marble, artificial agate, button, corrosion resistant and chemical resistant resins, and are widely used in glass materials, ships, buildings and clothing. Parts, arts and crafts, electronics and other fields.

Jiangmen Junhong Silver Eagle Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a private chemical enterprise integrated with industry and trade. It was established in 2001, with a registered capital of 3 million yuan, with a total investment of about RMB 42 million yuan, of which 22 million 700 thousand yuan is invested in fixed assets; the main production and marketing polyester products, textile raw materials, textile products and polymer raw materials are sold. Hardware products, auto parts and mechanical and electrical products were formally put into operation in early 2003.

Our company is located in the Industrial Development Zone of Jiangmen Xinhui District, which is only 20 kilometers from Jiangmen city and Xinhui City. The traffic is convenient and the area of the factory area is 30248. The building area of the factory is 5000, including the polyester resin production workshop 4000, the auxiliary material workshop 1000, and the warehouse building area of 7000. There are five lines of unsaturated polyester resin production line in polyester production workshop, equipment investment 16 million 650 thousand yuan, annual production of unsaturated polyester resin 42000 tons, annual output value of 400 million yuan; auxiliary material workshop with auxiliary material production equipment four sets, equipment investment 1 million 900 thousand yuan, annual production of color pulp, rubber clothing and other accessories 5000 tons, annual output value 60 million yuan; chemical raw materials The annual sales volume is about 10000 tons and the annual sales volume is 70 million yuan. The company has 92 employees, including 19 management personnel, 18 technical researchers and 55 first-line production workers.

Our raw material supply adopts the combination of international market procurement and domestic market procurement. International suppliers include Korea love chemical industry, Japanese catalyst Corporation, India petroleum and other manufacturers, and Samsung, Hyundai, Shuanglong, Japanese MITSUBISHI and itozhong, and domestic suppliers including China oil Lanzhou smelting. Oil factories and other dozens of trade companies. This complementary form of procurement ensures our company's supply of raw materials, and enables us to reduce the procurement and supply links, reduce the cost of procurement, and seize a favorable position in the fierce market competition. Our products are mainly used in glass and steel products, artificial marble, resin crafts manufacturing, customer coverage of the Pearl River Delta, extension to Guangxi, Hunan, Yunnan, Fujian and other adjacent provinces, according to the actual in Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangfo area established a perfect sales network, and with the provincial dealers to build. A good cooperative relationship ensures the smooth distribution of product sales channels.

After two years of market development, our company has a number of stable, good and transcribed basic customers, under the good situation, through the efforts of the company's staff cooperation, performance will be more on the floor.

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